Dolpo, situated in the north western part of Nepal bordering Tibet, is home to some of the highest human settlements on earth. Most of the villages lie between 3500-4300 meters above sea level, so the climate is harsh with temperatures dipping down to -30 to -40 degree Celsius in winters.

Dho Tarap Valley (3900 m – 4200 m)

People still rely on yaks and horses for transportation since there is no road connection yet to the rest of the country or across the border. Despite its geographical remoteness, civilization has not only survived in Dolpo but also thrived for centuries with its own history, culture, language, religions, music and arts. Dolpo is the local dialect which is conversant with other dialects of the high Himalayan region and written in Tibetan script.

Bon and Buddhism are the two dominant religions which constitutes over three dozen monasteries in Dolpo. Locals rely on Amchi tradition as a healthcare practice which uses herbs and other medicinal plants is to treat illnesses. Dolpo is also home to many species of flora and fauna (the term “Dolpo” is associated with the abundance of natural resources).

El Yak is committed to promoting regions like Dolpo which typically receive a small fraction of the tourists….

Immersive Travel Study

Our immersive travel study programs offer high school students, current and recent college graduates, businesses and corporations, and other institutions rich alternatives to mainstream travel, education and/or mindfulness based market offerings. Designed and run by local experts, our immersive travel study programs combine mindfulness, learning, adventure, and community work to offer rich and immersive experiences for individuals or groups looking for meaningful and integrated travel experiences.

Trekking and multi-adventure

Our trekking and multi-adventure programs offer unique adventure and experiential tours that combine trekking, mountain biking, day-hikes, yoga, mindfulness, rafting, bungee-jumping, jungle safari, community homestays, and various other treats Nepal has to offer to visitors with different kinds of taste. Conceptual, designed and operated exclusively by El Yak, these tours combine our team’s expertise in different areas to cater to travel enthusiasts looking for a mix of different kinds of adventure and experiences.

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Tour Summary Explore the beautiful Shey-Phoksundo national park in the hidden lands of Dolpo-- home to the majestic snow leopard in this exclusive trekking and...
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Tour Summary Explore the majestic high altitude valley of Dho-Tarap, in the hidden lands of Dolpo in this exclusive trekking and cultural tour. Starting with...
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