El Yak started as a mountain biking company based in Nepal providing top-notch biking trips across the Himalayas catered to all levels of riders in the Himalayas led by the finest guides in the country. The Himalayas are home to some of the most immaculate landscapes, spiritual cultures and pristine valleys in the world. Until a few years back, visitors came to this inspiring region mostly to trek, climb, raft or to see the tigers in the wild. Now mountain biking has gained a strong ground, and this thrilling adventure sport is here to stay.

El Yak designs and operates professional mountain biking tours through some of the best biking trails cradled along the laps of the Himalayas. Step back in time and feel rejuvenated as you ride in untouched villages, over passes and through wide stretches of virgin landscape. Meet indigenous people and nomadic herdsmen. Immerse yourself in the colorful array of rich and vibrant culture. Revel in awe at the grandeur of the majestic mountains. Experience the Himalayan life from the comfort of your saddle.

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