We believe that the outdoors present great opportunities for young people to engage with nature, learn wilderness, teamwork and survival skills, and develop leadership skills. Through our Himalayan Outdoor Education Initiative, we work with rural schools to develop and implement outdoor education programs and curriculum contextualized to local needs and opportunities.

Through the initiative, we aim to help improve the quality of education in rural schools, train future local guides and adventure athletes, and create new tourism destinations across the Nepal Himalayas.

Partnership with schools

We work with rural, public schools to develop, implement and monitor outdoor education curriculum. Currently we are finalizing a memorandum of understanding with a public school in the remote high altitude region of Dolpo. This will entail designing a detailed outdoor curriculum for the school based on local needs and realities, and developing and operating programs like basics of orienteering and first aid, ice-skating, skiing, trail running, and climbing.

Are you a school representative?

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